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Air Distribution

Nailor Industries Inc. Complete Air Control and Air Distribution Solutions

  • Flowline Linear Diffusers
  • Linear Diffusers and Bar Grilles
  • Plenum Slot and Light Troffer Diffusers
  • Ceiling Diffusers
  • Hospital / Cleanroom Diffusers
  • Fire Rated Products
  • Grilles and Registers

Commercial and Industrial Louvers, Dampers and Penthouses

  • Dampers
  • Louvers
  • Penthouses & Hoods
  • Gravity Ventilators

vänEE is a manufacturer of residential ventilation and filtration systems, and light commercial ventilation systems, whose products are sold exclusively in Canada

  • Residential Ventilation
  • Light Commercial Ventilation

Producer of flexible, high efficiency, duct products for HVAC, construction and engineering applications.

  • Insulated and Non-Insulated Duct for Commercial HVAC.

  • EverClean Premium Flexible Duct

Manufactures and distributes a line of modular vav systems and thermally powered VAV diffusers for use in HVAC systems.

  • Square Therma-Fuser VAV Diffusers
  • Round Therma-Fuser VAV Diffusers
  • Linear Therma-Fuser VAV Diffusers

Fume exhaustion solutions

  • Downdraft and backdraft workbenches
  • Extraction arms
  • Extraction hoods
  • Spark arrester
  • Stationary filters (welding fumes)
  • Mobile filters
  • Filters (oil mist)

Vehicle / Welding fume extraction systems

  • Vehicle Exhaust Systems
  • Fume Capture and Filtration

Manufacturer of textile air dispersion products for open ceiling architecture, critical environments, and under floor applications

  • Internal Framework System
  • Traditional
  • Standard
  • Surface Mount
  • Model
  • Fabric
  • Suspension