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Industrial HVAC Solutions

Air Chek Industries Inc. helps Energy Producers and EPCM clients meet the challenge of unlocking energy resources the world needs through Industrial Grade – HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) Solutions for the Energy Industry.

Working with you, Air Chek can deliver the right HVAC solutions to meet your complex project needs. Here’s how we do it:

Engineering Support:

Our in-house HVAC Engineers work closely with our local engineering community to recommend the best equipment that will meet the overall project design and budget guidelines. Air Chek has done this on a multitude of projects by:

  • providing HVAC design and technical support with the layout, design and specification of equipment for mechanical systems.
  • consistently educating the engineering community through face-to-face visits and product lunch-n-learns on our HVAC brands.
  • engineering support provided throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

Project Management:

Never before has there been such a need for strong Project Management. The aggressive growth in the oil sands and wider oil and gas processing industry has placed huge demands on delivering projects on time and on budget. Air Chek Industries delivers on Project Management by:

  • providing a single point of accountability for delivering HVAC solutions on each project.
  • Better solution ‘fit’ the first time through better planning.
  • clear communication on project milestones to end-customers.
  • in-person availability for meetings and progress reports.

Documentation Management:

Managing large amounts of data in complex projects involving multiple parties and critical timelines demands effective document control.

Good information and process management is the key and can help address many challenges faced by Energy Producers and EPCM customers alike. Air Chek Industries meets the challenge by:

  • ensuring a single point of contact for document management on each project
  • extensive library of vendor drawings and documents
  • quality management and quality control processes
  • drawings and design in AUTOCAD and other electronic formats

Local Support – Backed by Team Air Chek


Our extensive line of HVAC products have been operating in oil sands and mining facilities throughout Western Canada for many years. During that time we’ve developed a track record of success built on our experience and reputation. We execute our projects with a results-oriented and flexible approach, ensuring a successful outcome for our Energy Producers and EPCM clients.

The quality of Air Chek Industries products, coupled with outstanding customer service, has led to long-term partnerships with our clients over the last 40 years.