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Mechanical and Sheet Metal Contractors

Air Chek goes to great lengths to ensure the process of ordering your HVAC equipment is quick and reliable. At the centre of our ordering process are truly knowledgeable and helpful account representatives, with overlapping experience in heating, ventilation and air distribution equipment. If they say a piece of our equipment meets your specifications, you can trust that it will. Throughout the process, Air Chek will work with you to meet your deadlines, technical specifications and budget.

We are also really easy to get a hold of. Unlike many of our competitors you are more likely to speak to a person than an answering machine. Test us by calling Air Chek about the equipment for your next project at 403-250-5050.


Air Chek works with design engineers and contractors to ensure proper equipment selection, design and sizing. You can count on us to recommend the right equipment to satisfy your HVAC requirements based on decades of experience in the industry.


Air Chek will look after all aspects of your equipment’s procurement and manufacturing. Will show you all the available options based on your specifications and help you weigh the pros and cons of each. After your order is placed, we stay on top of the manufacturing process to ensure it is delivered in the timeframe specified.


Once your equipment is installed, Air Chek can assist with system commissioning by providing on-site performance testing and demonstrating how to operate and maintain your equipment properly.


Going forward Air Chek’s technical personnel and service teams will assist you with performance optimization, maintenance and trouble shooting.